Rev-1.10–December 8 12 2016

  1. Rules and Exceptions

    1. All games will be played under FIBA rules.
    2. Exceptions and clarifications to FIBA rules are as follows:
      1. Four 10 minute quarters – stopped clock.
        1. The clock will not be stopped if the point spread is greater than 20 pts – 2nd half only last period 10 minutes of game.
        2. The clock will always stop on: Time Outs, Technicals, and Injuries
        3. Two shot bonus on 5th team foul. Last two minutes of game, two fouls result in double bonus situation.
        4. Three Time-Outs for the regulation game and one time out only per team if overtime.
        5. Each player is allowed five personal fouls.
        6. 1st overtime is 2 minutes, each thereafter is 2 minutes.
        7. During free throws, players may enter the free throw lane/circle on the release.
        8. Teams must start the game with at least 5 players, however a team may finish with less. Teams with less than 5 players to start will forfeit the game.
        9. Dunking the ball during warm-up or half time will not be permitted and a technical foul will be assessed to the guilty player. The purpose of the No-Dunking Rule is to protect the backboard and rim from damage which may result in the “use of facility permit” being rescinded by the gym in question.
  2. Game Management Notes

    1. Referees may use abbreviated mechanics to keep the game moving.
    2. Substitutes will be beckoned into the game by referees. Substitutes will report to scorer’s table or a designated spot at half-court.
    3. Taunting, profanity and “trash” talking will not be tolerated. Referees are not required to warn a player or coach before assessing a technical foul.
    4. Fighting (includes pushing, kicking, etc.) is an automatic ejection and 1 game suspension. Second ejection for fighting is an automatic suspension from the league. (No refunds)
    5. Technical Fouls – All Technical fouls will result in one (a) free throw plus the ball out of bounds at centre court. Two technical fouls by the same player during a game will result in that player being ejected. NOTE: A player receiving an ejection faces an automatic 1 game suspension.  A second game ejection will result in the player being suspended for the remainder of the season. (No refunds) The player will then have to apply for reinstatement to the league for the next season.
      Any player who receives 3 technical fouls during a season will be suspended for 1 game.
      Any player who receives 5 technical fouls during a season will be suspended for the remainder of the season, including play-offs (no refund).
    6. Warm-up: 5 minutes
    7. Half-Time: 5 minutes maximum (may be less if required to keep on schedule)
    8. Zone defence will be allowed
    9. A 24 second shot clock will be in effect
    10. Clean up of tables, chairs, scoring equipment are responsibility of the team scoring the last game.  Failure to put equipment away properly will result in a warning to the team. A second offense is a 2 point deduction in standings.
  3. Captain’s Responsibilities

    1. Provide a completed score sheet with names and jersey numbers to the scorekeeper prior to the game.
    2. Ensure that players keep score as per the “scoring schedule”
    3. To provide each player with a schedule of all regular season and playoff games
    4. Ensure team players are aware of BMBL rules and regulations (rules are available on our website and are also provided in print to the captain of each team)
    5. Submit the master game score sheet by the end of game night to the League Administrator or Statistician (Colin Jardine)
    6. Inform all players that once a player is registered with a team, he may not play with any other team for that season.
    7. Notify players of any fines or suspensions and ensure that any and all suspensions are served.
    8. Encourage the spirit of fair play with your team. Players are expected to respect their opponents, referees, scorekeepers, guests and facility staff.
    9. Ensure that the game is started on time
  4. Player’s Responsibilities

    1. Inform your team Captain if unavailable for any games (League Contacts are posted on the website)
    2. Respect the equipment, gym, and the facilities provided by our local High Schools
    3. Please keep gym floor clean and remove any water bottles, garbage, etc from your bench area and the changing rooms
    4. Play fair and respect your team mates, opponents, and referees.
    6. HAVE FUN!!

    1. ROSTERS
      1. All players must have participated in the league draft and/or selected from the posted Spare List
      2. Players can participate on no more than one team unless it is to prevent a default AND the other team’s captain is in agreement.
      3. Each “spare player” must pay $10.00 per game (up to a maximum of $80.00)
    2. CANCELLATION OF GAME – In the event of a cancellation due to weather or other reasons, the league administrator shall send a notification email to all players and contact each team Captain. The schedule will resume with the following week’s games (cancelled games will be made up at the end of the season, if possible)
    3. Game default will result in a (2) point deduction from the team’s total points.
    4. Smoking and Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in school buildings at any time.
    5. Remind parents (spectators) to supervise all children while in the gym area.